Ghidul pozarului maidanez

aciddului i-a plăcut.

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

1. Ditch the zoom and use a wide-angle prime

2. Get close

3. Always carry your camera with you

4. Disregard what other people think of you

There is no law out there which doesn’t allow photography in public places (regardless of what the police may tell you).

5. Smile often

6. Ask for permission

7. Be respectful

8. Look for juxtaposition

9. Tell a story

10. Just do it

About the Author: Eric Kim is a street photographer based in Los Angeles. He is currently writing a book titled “Street Photography 101” which will be distributed to the world for free in a convenient PDF format.

You can read excerpts from his in-progress book over at his blog and you can see his street photography on his website. Also feel free to also follow him on Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook as well.

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